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Our Story KissMangaRock was founded in [2020] by a group of devoted manga fans seeking to share their love for incredible Japanese and Korean comics. After meeting online in manga forums, we realized we could combine our knowledge to create the ultimate community for otaku.

Our Mission We strive to provide engaging, informative content to help fellow enthusiasts navigate the complex world of manga and manhwa. No matter your experience level, our reviews, lists, and articles make discovering new series fun and approachable.

Our Team Our writers bring a diversity of backgrounds, tastes, and perspectives on manga. Some prefer action-packed shonen, while others adore romantic shojo stories. This range allows us to cover a wide variety of series and offer nuanced recommendations. Though we have different favorites, our shared passion drives us.


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  • Passion – We sincerely love manga, manhwa, and the communities they create. This drives everything we do.
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  • Positivity – We maintain a respectful, inclusive tone and open-minded perspectives.
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